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ǡѹ & Dycem Back Hole
: Dycem
: AEF09

ǡѹ & Dycem Back Hole
͹Թʵͻ/ 繼Եѳ෤աѹ蹢ͧ ͡ẺѺѡ , öҧʴ ö麹鹷ء Թ͹ͻ Ҵ硡зѴѴ ö˹˹
Made by a company that specializes in non-slip rubber products, the Black Hole Cello Stop is a simple and effective means of holding the cello in place - the smoother and harder the floor, the better it works. Just place the Black Hole in position and let the unique non-slip properties do the rest. No messing around with strings or belt straps around the chair legs!! Easily carried in the pocket or in the case.
Ҥ : 777
ǹŴ : 78 (10%)
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1-4 item(s): 699 ҷ (10%)

5-11 item(s): 622 ҷ (20%)

12-24 item(s): 544 ҷ (30%)

ǡѹ & Ѻʻͧѹ Super Dycem
: Kapier
: AEF11

ǡѹ & Ѻʻͧѹ Super Dycem
Super Dycem Cello rock stop,
Round Cello mat Brown Silica Gel Anti-Slip 1 piece Cello Non-Slip Plate Mat
The Material of Cello
Mat: Silica Gel,has a unique non-slip property ( RUBBER), this cello mat is sturdy and durable to use.
Mat Anti-Slip size:The diameter of the circle is 7 cm,the belt can be adjusted up to 45 cm, adjusted at any time, easy to use,
Color: Brown, Blue, Green and Purple
Cello Mat Anti-Slip Package weight:0.22lb easy to carry on,can be placed in the bag,
easy to carry, can be used anytime, anywhere. this mat is important part of cello,
perfect for professional cellist or cello lovers.
Package list:1 x Cello Anti-slip Mat (Other Accessories are Not Included)
To protect your floor from scratches and make sure your cello doesn't slip during a practice or performance.
Ҥ : 600
ǹŴ : 60 (10%)
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Usually ship in 24-48 hours
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