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ͧѴ§ BM Recording Studio ͧѹ֡§سҾ

ͤʵ/ԡ Schertler Roy ѧѺ 400 ѵ
: Schertler : SPA44W

ͤʵ/ԡ Schertler Roy ѧѺ 400 ѵ
ROY - Schertler Groups new top-of-the-range combo amplifier for acoustic instruments. This 400W, 7-channel amp provides a powerful yet comparatively lightweight system that is perfect for both stage and studio. Equipped with a 1 horn, two 8 subwoofers and featuring the same hi-end Class A preamp found in other Schertler amplifiers, ROY delivers the rich, high-quality sound that has become synonymous with this product family, while providing the user with even greater flexibility.

ROY has 4 input channels with various mic / instrument combinations, un i n s e r t (as on a professional mixer), 3-band EQ and phantom power; an additional unbalanced instrument input channel; a stereo input channel for playback devices and an FX return / additional input channel. ROYs Master section includes both a digital reverb with decay and a new digital Multi-Effect (on a separate buss). This intuitive control surface provides a comprehensive mixing facility for easy set-up and on-stage adjustments during performances.

Highly effective as a stand-alone portable amplification system for soloists or small groups, ROY also offers a range of output options for connecting to external systems: Add a separate subwoofer to enhance the low frequency ranges of certain instruments, or to create a compact 3-way active PA system. Connect to a mixing console for larger-scale applications. The addition of a headphone preamp provides a handy monitoring facility for both live performance and recording applications, making ROY a powerful and practical all rounder.

Amplifiers are available in a choice of wood or anthracite finishes. The more delicate wood finish is perfect for studio or home use, blending with a range of room interiors. The anthracite finish is designed for performance and touring applications, where a more robust exterior finish is required.

Weight 22.2 kg (48.5lb)
Dimensions 35.7x41.5x51cm
Frequency Response 40 Hz to 20 kHz (+/-3dB)
Speakers 1 dome tweeter, 2x 8 woofer
Construction Birch laminated
Channels 7 indipendent channels
Inputs Mic In (channel 1-4) XLR
Instrument In (channel 3-5) 6.3mm Jack
Stereo In (channel 6-7) 3.5mm Jack and 6.3mm Jack
Insert (channel 1-4) and on master

Ҥ : 90,000

Թ Nakovitz 201 Ҵ 4/4 ػóúش
: Nakovitz
: VN201
Ҥ : 7,500
: Nakovitz
: MST01
Ҥ : 600
ǹŴ : 100 (17%)
ҤҢ :
ǻѺ´Թ GOTZ ZF-6811 Ѻ Loop շͧ
: AAVN22
Ҥ : 1,000
ǹŴ : 200 (20%)
ҤҢ :
ͧԹ Oblong Style Ҵ 4/4
: Bravo
: CVN068
Ҥ : 3,500
Թ Huayin Ҵ 1/8-1/4 (ش)
: Huayin
: SVN003
Ҥ : 150
ǹŴ : 15 (10%)
ҤҢ :
Թ Ѻ loop (gilded)
: Bravisimo
: AAVN05
Ҥ : 250
E Թ Pyramid Ҵ4/4
: Pyramid
: SVN067
Ҥ : 100
ǹŴ : 10 (10%)
ҤҢ :
ͧԹ Fom ME-045 Ҵ 1/2
: Fom
: ASVN09
Ҥ : 399
ǹŴ : 40 (10%)
ҤҢ :

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