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ԹԵ¹ Andrea Schudtz 2010 ç G.Guarneri Del Gesu
: Andrea Schudtz : VN5003

ԹԵ¹ Andrea Schudtz 2010 ç G.Guarneri Del Gesu
˹ҷӨҡʹԵ 100 ѧТҧӨҡԵ¹

Andrea Schudtz was born in November 1973. He took his first steps in the art of violin making with his father Pavel Schudtz, a famous Mo.Liutaio who worked for Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow and became an expert of the instrument collection of the state of Russia.

As a child Andrea began playing the violin and also attended the Central School of Music. When he was about 15 he started making his first instrument.. In 1990 the "Prince of Asturias Foundation" invited his father Pavel Schudtz to move to Spain and work for its Orchestra. The Family moved to Spain and Andrea started working with his father learning about the restoration of antique instruments.They opened two workshops: one in Oviedo(Asturias) and one in Madrid.

In 1991 Andrea decided to attend the International School of Violins Making in Cremona and moved to Italy. He studied with Mo. Conia, Mo. Negroni, Mo. G. Scolari and in 1995 graduated from the school. While attending the first year of the school he worked in Mo.Crillovi's workshop. From 1995 to 1997 he attended the bow making course in Cremona ,while working in the Bottega Scuola Cee.

His instruments are made following the classical models of the Cremonese School, such as Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati with a personal touch. His varnish is very thin and elastic and the choice of the wood is excellent. These qualities make his instruments very succesfull with musicians all over the world. At present he lives and works in Cremona where has opened a workshop in the center of town. He builds and repairs violins, violas and cellos; he also restores all stringed instruments and their bows and, under request, he also makes copies of antique instruments.

Andrea has taken part in several violin making competition, such as: -Violin Makers competition Tchaikovsky,Moscow - 1990 - where he earned the 5 th place for Violoncello and the Prize for the youngest participant; -Violin Makers competition in Prague -1992- -4 th . National Violin Makers Competition in Baveno, Italy - 1993 -2 nd ,Violin Makers Competition of Tchaikovsky,Moscow - 1994 where he earned the 5 th place for violin and the prize for the best sound offered by the french Violin Makers -6 th National Violin Makers competition in Baveno,Italy - 1997.
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: Schertler
: EPV09
Ҥ : 36,000
Թ Tonica New Formula E Ҵ 3/4-1/2
: Pirastro
: SVN312741
Ҥ : 0
ͧԹ Lang Cecilia CK-P Brown/Orange color
: Lang
Ҥ : 29,000
ǹŴ : 6,000 (21%)
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: BM
: AMVN02
Ҥ : 611
ǹŴ : 61 (10%)
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ѹѡԹ͹ Vegan Bow Ҵ 4/4
: Vegan Bow
: BCVN11
Ҥ : 3,000
ѹѡԹ E. Dorfler Nr.23 (octagon)
: Egidius Dorfler
: BVN306
Ҥ : 45,000
ͧԹ BAM Panther Higthech Slim - մ
Ҥ : 23,333
ǹŴ : 2,333 (10%)
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Թ Thomastik Alphayue AL100 Ҵ 4/4 (ش) 2020 Bulk
: Thomastik
: SVNAL100
Ҥ : 889
ǹŴ : 89 (10%)
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