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ไวโอลิน Marcello Villa ทรง Stradivari 1709 Greffuhle Model AD. 2014
ยี่ห้อ: Marcello Villa รหัส: VN5027

ไวโอลิน Marcello Villa ทรง Stradivari 1709 Greffuhle Model AD. 2014

Top: selected Italian Spruce
Back & Side: Bosnian Maple
Fingerboard decorate with Maple and Ebony
Inlaid with Ebony
Modern neck

Marcello Villa was born in Monza in 1965, and lives and works in Cremona. He began studing the violin when he was twelve, later enrolling in th International School of Violin-making in Cremona.

He graduated in 1983 under the guidance of Giorgio Scolari and Stefano Conia, obtaining the highest possible merit in his final year, a scholarship from the Walter Stauffer Foundation.

Apprenticing in the prestigious shop of Stefano Conia, he was able to broaden his experience and soon began to participate in violin making competitions, receiving his first awards.

Eventually, Marcello Villa was awarded the following prizes:
- finalist in the Poznan Competition (1986)
- gold medal at the Bagnacavallo Young Violinmaker's Competition (1986)
- gold medal at the Baveno Competition (1987)
- gold medal for the quartet presented in the Bagnacavallo Violinmaking Exposition (1990)
- silver medal at the 6th Violinmaking Triennal in Cremona (1991)
- two gold medals for violin and cello in the Bagnacavallo Exposition (1992).

Marcello Villa makes violins, violas and cellos, particularly favouring Stradivarian models.

All instruments have a certificate of authenticity with colour photographs and accurate description of the instrument.

His instruments distinguish themselves for many reasons: quality of materials utilised, precision and personality of the workmanship, varnish quality and color, and fine acoustics. Basing his work upon the classical line of violin-making, he builds his instruments applying his personality and taste in every small detail: the f-holes, the varnish, the cutting of the scroll.

For many years he has been dedicated to the reproduction of classical Italian instruments. He has made copies of instruments by Andrea Amati, Nicola Amati, Andrea Guarneri, Francesco Ruggeri, Guarneri del Ges?, Antonio Stradivari, all of which have been particularly appreciated in the U.S.A., Germany and Japan.

Baroque-specialised musicians have shown great interest in his period instruments: viola d'amore, viola da gamba, pochette, lira da braccio, baroque violin, baroque viola, baroque cello.

His main interest, however, which began to emerge during the first formative years of his career, is the reproduction of Stradivarian inlaid instruments, which he believes to be the quintessence of artistic and technical perfection.

From 1983, the year in which he built his first inlaid violin, preserved in the museum of the International School of Violin-making in Cremona, and until the present day, he has made copies of the Hellier, Ole Bull, Sunrise, Cipriani Potter, Rode, Greffhule violins and of the Spanish and Axelrod violas. His own personal violin is an accurate copy of the 1709 Greffhule inlaid Stradivari which he regularly plays in duo with his brother Vittorio or with various Cremonese musical ensembles.

ราคา : xxx,xxx

คันชักไวโอลิน J.F. Daber
ยี่ห้อ: Jean-Francois Daber
รหัส: BVN1100
ราคา : 110,000
ด้ามจับกระเป๋า Bam
ยี่ห้อ: BAM
รหัส: CVNS07
ราคา : 599
ส่วนลด : 99 (17%)
ราคาขาย :
สายไวโอลิน Thomastik รุ่น Dominant สาย D 132
ยี่ห้อ: Thomastik
รหัส: SVN132
ราคา : 800
ส่วนลด : 80 (10%)
ราคาขาย :
กล่องไวโอลิน Lang Case รุ่น EY-35 สี Gray
ยี่ห้อ: Lang
รหัส: CVNEY35
ราคา : 12,000
ส่วนลด : 1,200 (10%)
ราคาขาย :
ยี่ห้อ: Bravomusic
รหัส: RBVN06
ราคา : 500
สายไวโอลินสาย E Kaplan Solutions
ยี่ห้อ: D Addario
รหัส: SVN028
ราคา : 250
ส่วนลด : 25 (10%)
ราคาขาย :
Air Cell Comfort Cello/Violin Strap
ยี่ห้อ: Air cell
รหัส: CVNS04
ราคา : 700
รองไหล่ไวโอลิน Kun รุ่น Bravo Collapsible Wood & Brass
ยี่ห้อ: Kun
รหัส: ASVN26
ราคา : 3,500
ส่วนลด : 350 (10%)
ราคาขาย :

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