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สายเชลโล Warchal รุ่น Amber สาย A
ยี่ห้อ: Warchal รหัส: SVC721M

สายเชลโล Warchal รุ่น Amber สาย A
สาย A ทำจาก Stainless Steel
When we developed our Brilliant cello set in 2010, we began a specific journey. Although using synthetic strings for cello hasn't become standard yet, we were able to offer cello players all the benefits of synthetic core strings.

The early reaction of the cello playing community confirmed our decision was right. Our customers appreciate the textured sound that can be sculpted almost limitlessly by adjusting bowing speed and more importantly the contact point. Mostly we heard from Brilliant users that their instrument sounded more relaxed, keeping its own character.

Taking all the feedback we've had into consideration we decided to create another option. One that comes closer to the robust sound projection that you know from playing metal strings, while retaining the beauty of sound that has already become the standard for our cello strings. The result is the new Amber set for cello.

Because any cello synthetic core A string is quite fragile both in handling and durability we also offer a metal version of the Amber A string. It is the first time that our newest invention, the helix solution, has been applied on a cello string. This improvement was originally invented by Bohdan Warchal in 2013 to solve the sound difference of metal E strings and whistling problems on violins. After its tremendous success we applied our invention on metal viola strings too. Now cello players can benefit from a metal A string with increased elasticity which offers the most wonderful sound.

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ซื้อ 5-11 item(s): 1,511 บาท (15%)

ซื้อ 12-24 item(s): 1,422 บาท (20%)

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