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յ俿 FIDELITY B15 ѧѺ 500 ѵ
: Schertler
: EAB15

յ俿 FIDELITY B15 ѧѺ 500 ѵ
This top-of-the-range combo has a variety of uses for the bass guitarist, as well as delivering an amazing sound! Equipped with a 15 woofer, custom horn with 1 compression driver, transistor preamp and Class D amplifier, the B15 packs out a useful 500W RMS of bi-amplified power, making it ideal for larger venues and loud environments such as rock concerts. The amplifier has a wide frequency range, resulting in a great bottom end and excellent overall dynamics. It is suitable for use with a range of instruments including 5- and 6-string basses.

ѧѺ 500 ѵ
˹ѡ 24 kg (52.91lb)
Ҵ 63x44.5x43.5cm (24.8x17.52x17.12 in)
ͺʹͧ 40 Hz to 16 kHz (+/-3dB)
⾧Ҵ 1" compression driver, 15 woofer
çҧӨҡ Plywood 2-way Bass Reflex
ͧѭҳ 1 ͧѭҳ
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 100 dB
ͧѭҳ͡ DI, XLR pre/post EQ ЪͧѺºٿѧ
Stand-by switch
Ҥ : 110,000
ǹŴ : 32,000 (29%)
ҤҢ :

Usually ship in 24-48 hours
յ俿 FIDELITY BF10x2 ѧѺ 500 ѵ
: SR Technology
: EABF10

յ俿 FIDELITY BF10x2 ѧѺ 500 ѵ

SR TECHNOLOGY's series of BASS FIDELITY amplifiers have one specific aim: to enhance the sound of any electric bass by granting it power and clarity but without altering its tone or characteristics. A complete set of inputs and outputs means the amplifiers can be easily used in both home and studio environments as well as on stage, while the pre controls mean the sound can be shaped and styled according to a musician's individual tastes. A standout feature of the BASS FIDELITY series, is the BBSh control. This special filter, designed by SR TECHNOLOGY, modifies the low frequency response using a special mathematical function to give each bass the "presence" it needs.
Model BF 10x2 SR, with 500W RMS bi-amp, 2 x 10" woofers, 1" compression driver and transistors preamp ensures the sound quality you expect from high performing combo amp.
BF10x2 is provided with its own cover bag.
Weight: 24kg
Dimensions: 64.5x48.5x35.5 cm
Frequency Resp.: 40Hz-20kHz
Woofer: 2x10"
HF speaker: Compression Driver with Custom Horn
Box: 2 Way Bass Reflex
Sensitivity (1W-1m): 100dB
Connections: Unbal./Bal. Input, Insert Eff., Direct/Dry Output, Phones
Preamp: Transistor
Max Power Out: 500W RMS Bi-amp.
Crossover: 3.5kHz
Controls Gain, BBSh, Low, Mid-Low, Mid-Hi, High, Dir. Out, Master, Dry Out, Phones, Meter, PW, Signal, Peak
Ҥ : 110,000
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