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: Schertler
: EPV09

The STAT Series of contact microphones has been specially developed to bring out the best sound qualities of bowed stringed instruments in louder musical environments, or in amplified performance situations.

The bridge-mounted STAT-V for violin and viola is designed to accurately reproduce the warm sound of the instruments strings. It gives depth and body to lower strings and reproduces the clarity and brightness of higher ones. Impressively resistant to feedback, STAT-V is a great choice for loud musical environments, or rock /jazz/fusion performances with high levels of amplification.

STAT-V-ROAD includes the contact microphone, putty, cable and Schertlers sophisticated YELLOW BLENDER preamp with regulated AC power supply. The preamp enables players to control a range of parameters including gain, EQ and resonance.

Technical Specifications

STAT-V specs:
Nominal impedance 2 Kohm
Frequency Response 60 Hz to 12 kHz
Dynamic range 70 dB
Sensitivity (on instrument) ca. -20 dB
Temperature range -10? C to +50? C
Contacts Gold plated
Connection Binder to 1/4" jack
Ҥ : 36,000
Ǣ§ѺԹ & DYN-V-P48
: Schertler
: EPV10

Ǣ§ѺԹ & DYN-V-P48

Schertlers new DYN-V-P48 is a fully balanced, active, dynamic contact microphone with Class A electronics. Specially designed to enhance the natural qualities of the violin and viola in both amplified and recording environments, the microphone features state-of-the-art, in-house developed activefiltering technology that has enabled it to be precisely matched to the instruments sound characteristics. This leads to more immediate results for the user, making it possible to achieve amazing sound with only minimal adjustments required.

The DYN-V-P48 has a new sleek, lightweight design, making it even less obtrusive to the player. The microphone is supplied with Schertlers own customized cable that is both robust and torsion resistant, designed to withstand the rigours of daily use while delivering best possible performance results. A balanced XLR connector enables direct connection to a microphone input on a mixing console, as well as to a full range amplification system.

The DYN-V-P48 can be easily and safely applied to even the most valuable of instruments using special adhesive putty. It can also be quickly transferred between instruments during performances or recording sessions. Note: This microphone requires 48V phantom power.

Schertlers flagship DYN Series contact microphones were first launched over 20 years ago. Two decades later, developments in microphone technology have enabled the series to be re-engineered to meet todays exacting requirements. The new DYN P48 Series retains the best features from the original DYN microphones while incorporating state-of-the-art technology that has resulted ineven better sound quality,a more elegant lightweight design and more user-friendly operation.

Technical Specifications
Output impedance 4.7 Kohm @ 1 KHz
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Dynamic range 139 dB, 145 dB typical
Sensitivity (on instrument) ca. -30 dB
Sensitivity (theoretical) -62 dB/@ 1um ampl.
Mechanical decoupling Butterworth 2nd order, Q=6
Temperature range -20? C to +70? C
Minimum operating voltage 22 VDC
Active EQ Customized for each instrument
Electronics all Class-A
Contacts All hard gold plated 0.5 mm
Connection XLR balanced + Binder
Ҥ : 25,000

Usually ship in 24-48 hours
Ǣ§Ѻͧ Schertler BASIK
: Schertler
: EPV11

Ǣ§Ѻͧ Schertler BASIK Ѻͧͤʵԡ ҡԵŹ

Contact microphone can be plugged in any amplifier through the phantom power adapter box supplied with a 1.5V AA battery.

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5. §úǹ §秨ҡ piezo
Ҥ : 3,000

Usually ship in 24-48 hours
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